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Stay Vacation

If there are tumbleweeds blowing through your bank account and jet-setting simply isn’t in the budget, a staycation is an incredible alternative!  Oftentimes, there is so much to see in our own backyards, but we miss it because we aren’t wearing our tourist-goggles.

This type of vacation is great for people trying to save a little mula, or workers who are short on time off, or anyone who needs to stay close to home for one reason or another.  This type of vacation may be a dud for anyone who’s exhausted the list of things to do nearby, or wanderlusters who feel they’d die a little inside if they can’t escape to somewhere new and different.

But, you can always add a little travel inspiration to your everyday life.  For instance, transform your caffeine routine into a daily adventure of discovering coffee and culture from around the world!  With a coffee world tour subscription from Atlas Coffee Club, you can travel to Papua New Guinea, Peru, Burundi, or Brazil, all from the comfort of your kitchen.  No pricey plane tickets necessary!


  • No long flights, exhausting car rides, or cramped train cars

  • Discovering hidden gems that quickly become new local favorites

  • Seeing things from a different point-of-view, and appreciating them for the first time (or finally checking things out that you’ve always wanted to see, but figured you could go anytime… yet never do)


  • Without a change in scenery, it can be a little less exciting than a traditional vacation

  • Because you’re either home or close to it, you may find it difficult to really unplug and unwind

  • It can be tempting to just head back home and spend your precious time off on the couch eating pretzels while watching Greys Anatomy reruns

Askari lodge exterior.JPG
2 nights in Magaliesburg - African Hills Lodge & Spa
R5 135
From Eswatini (Swaziland), Durban, Richards Bay, Johannesburg & more
Choose travel dates - 3 days
Included: minimum of 2 people (excluding tranfers)
  • Accommodation.

  • Daily dinner.

  • Breakfast.

  • Game Drive

Excluded activities available: elephant experience, survival skills, mountain hiking, battlesfield tour, museum, geoheritage tour.

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