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A Trip Abroad

Visiting other countries.  My personal favorite kind of travel!  This type of vacation can be viewed as either intriguing or completely terrifying.

Those who would love it are people who enjoy unfamiliar experiences, stepping outside their comfort zones, and learning something new.  Those who would find this type of vacation an exercise in frustration are people who prefer the expected, staying closer to home, and aren’t crazy about gastro-experimentation.


  • The ability to experience other cultures, history, and architecture

  • Discovering new foods, traditions, and someone else’s “normal”

  • Witnessing things you’ve only ever read about


  • Often involves much longer flights

  • You may discover some of the local food doesn’t agree with you (always fun)

  • Requires some extra preparation like getting passports, power converters, and learning basic phrases in another language (and no, screaming at someone in English while playing a one-man game of charades isn’t the same as knowing their native tongue)

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