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Girls and Guys Trip

The ability to connect with good friends on a trip is really something special.  Sharing new experiences in a euphoric vacation haze builds memories that last a lifetime.

This type of vacation is ideal for friends who appreciate each other’s quirks, balance each other out, and never seem to tire of time together.  Or this type of vacation could be the kiss of death for friendships that aren’t well established, buddies that tend to butt heads, or friends with different temperaments and interests.


  • Strengthening existing friendships and forming life-long memories with your besties

  • Going halfsies on expenses like hotels and rental cars, making your trip far less expensive

  • Having the literal time of your life (read – drinking wine, laughing at nonsense, and taking selfies you’ll shake your head at later… with a smirk on your face)


  • Being less likely to make new friends on the road because you’re so focused on hanging out with each other

  • Feeling obligated to do things you’re not interested in because your companions think it’s fun

  • Possibility destroying a friendship when you begin to grate on each other’s nerves (has their jaw always clicked when they chew?  Is that them snoring, or did someone just fire up a buzz saw?  Have they always been so pushy?)

Coming soon!

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