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Trip to the City

On the opposite end of the spectrum is a trip to the big city.  Car horns, construction noise, and muffled chatter create a soundtrack for an amazing metropolitan adventure.

This type of vacation is perfect for those who love the wilds of the concrete jungle, enjoys dinner and a show, or wants to channel their inner Carrie Bradshaw.  This type of vacation is a nightmare for people who hate crowds, hustle and bustle, or the tiresome pavement beneath their feet.


  • A veritable plethora of activities, from dining to shows to museums and more

  • The convenience of plentiful flights and easy transportation

  • The awe of feeling impossibly small and endlessly entertained


  • Crowds.  Lots of them (which become exponentially worse around major holidays)

  • Like any busy destination, big cities tend to have higher crime rates (so keep tabs on your belongings and be aware of your surroundings)

  • The shimmering lights don’t come without a price tag, so be prepared for a little sticker shock when it comes to the cost of things

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