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Camping & Hiking

Reconnecting with nature is a great way to spend some much-deserved time off.  And an obvious choice for spending time with Mother Nature is on a camping trip.

This type of vacation is ideal for those who aren’t afraid to get a little dirty, enjoy channeling their inner Paul Bunyan, and love the great outdoors.  Those who might find themselves telling Mother Nature where she can stick it are people who prefer a hot shower, a comfy bed, and trips that don’t involve mosquito repellant.


  • Getting back to basics surrounded by stunning natural beauty

  • Sleeping under an infinite blanket of stars with the moon as your nightlight

  • The opportunity to roast the perfect marshmallow sitting around a crackling fire (assuming there’s no fire ban, of course)


  • Vacation in the lack of luxury (no shower, sleeping on the ground, and peeing in the bushes)

  • Being kept up by the frigid temperatures and every little sound you’re convinced is a bear (or any other number of wild animals eager to eat you)

  • Testing your patience with the loathsome task of setting up your tent (and the frustrating chore of fitting your sleeping bag back in its impossibly small sack)

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