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Road Trips

Ah, the open road.  There’s nothing quite like it.  A trip down scenic byways is the perfect opportunity to enjoy your favorite tunes while the pavement passes beneath you.  And, if you’re like me, keeping my car protected along the way is super important.  So, to ensure it stays as clean as the day you got it, make sure your vehicle has car mats!

This type of travel is ideal for people who love an adventure with a little flexibility, or who live within hours of fascinating destinations.  The people who may despise this type of travel are those who prefer to stay in one place, hate being cooped up, or tend to fall asleep at the wheel (that’s a non-starter).


  • Flexibility to go where you want, bring what you want, and stay wherever the wind blows you

  • A more intimate impression of the places you see (and the freedom to go wherever you want when you get there.  No Uber for you!)

  • A great excuse to reconnect with some of your favorite music or that book on tape you’ve been meaning to get to


  • Having to deal with bad drivers and road rage

  • A lot of time in the car (leading to cramped legs, short tempers, and less-than-ideal cuisine)

  • When gas prices are high, it can actually be cheaper to just buy a plane ticket somewhere instead

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